Week 10: Finishing up density matrices!

by grdvnl

This week I largely wrapped up most of the items I had listed in the proposal. The current pending PR addresses and completes most of the major features I had proposed to implement. Some minor issues that are still pending should be addressed during the next week.

1. Adjust qapply() to complete some density based operations more gracefully.

2. Relocate the trace.py modules from core to another suggested folder. There have been some discussions on this on the mailing thread, which I plan to re-initiate and get a closure on this week.

Apart from these 2 items, based on some IRC discussions I had with Brian during past week, I have started looking at following 2 items. My plan is to work on the following 2 items during this month.

1. Finish up implementation of Shor’s algorithm currently available here: git

2.  Implement the fidelity and trace distances for density matrices: Ref

Happy Coding!